How does WAL work?

WAL uses the gentle power of water in the form of a pulsating waterjet to gently remove fat cells from the connective tissue. The blunt tip of the narrow suction cannula has a double lumen, allowing for the simultaneous loosening and removal of the fat cells.

Advantages of WAL

Preserves Tissue

The cannula gently makes its way through the pulsing waterjet without damaging other structures (such as lymph vessels, blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue).

Minimal Force

This means there is less pain, swelling and bruising resulting in a faster recovery.

Time Saving

With WAL, there is no need for uncomfortable infiltration of large volumes of fluid and long exposure to the rinsing solution, as with the tumescent method.

Predictable Results

In addition, throughout the procedure, the surgeon can feel the tip of the cannula and control its movements. This allows for precise, detailed shaping and contouring.

Less Impact

The simultaneous rinsing and suction mean the tissue is in contact with the rinsing solution and the medical additives (adrenaline and xylocaine) for only a brief period.

Absolutely sterile

All tubes used are single-use.

The procedure of choice for lipoedema surgery

This safe and reliable method allows for the removal of a large volume of fat.

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